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Bill Heinrich - Speaker Award

Isn’t it time you discovered why YOU are here?

What happens when people discover their true life purpose is nothing short of amazing. But it’s all in a day’s work for Bill Heinrich. Teaching people how to live their life purpose with total clarity and unyielding passion.

  • Have you sensed there’s something more to life – something unseen, huge and wonderful, that people around you didn’t “get”?

  • Are you looking for more fulfilling connections in all your relationships?

  • You want to feel at home in the world, knowing your purpose — why you’re here, what to do and how to serve at your highest.

  • You want to experience more ease and flow, stop trying to push the river and tap into wisdom higher than yourself.

  • You’ve heard a lot about the Law of Attraction, maybe even tried to work with it, but you felt you were missing something, or it was missing something.

In his keynotes and workshops, Bill gives audiences and participants a new awareness of how powerful they really are and leaves them inspired to become more responsible for their own choices and life experience.

Bill is a powerful speaker with a humorous yet practical approach that helps individuals open up to a whole new world of authenticity so they can reach a higher professional level and standard. Audiences feel empowered to excel and claim themselves as the spiritual beings that they are, eradicate what is holding them back, and accelerate their personal transformation that allows for their biggest breakthroughs in the workplace and in life.

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Access Your Inner Source of Limitless Possibilities

  • Be unstoppable at work and in your personal life, relationships and more.
  • Discover the Hidden Resources that can Double, Triple or 10X Your Productivity and Revenues.
  • Align with your strengths so you can attract the people and the circumstances you need to live in unlimited abundance.

Are You Thriving or Surviving?

  • Get out of survival mode and excel in the workplace and in life!
  • Become Energized by Your True Life Purpose.
  • Your inner “GPS” will guide you in the direction of simplicity, happiness and a lifetime of fulfillment.

3 Problems with The Law of Attraction

  • Don’t be duped – Here’s the real solution that will get you everything you want instead
  • How I Sold a House While It Was on FIRE!
  • Yes, it is true! Every problem creates a seed of opportunity that is equal to or greater than the problem itself. You will Learn how to use the power of now to create a win-win-win opportunity for anyone in your life at any time.

Your Life is your Laboratory

  • Learn to see the most challenging experiences and people in your life as your best teachers and opportunities to exercise your true life purpose and the power of choice.
  • How To Discover and Access your Divine Gifts.
  • An introduction to the Universal Laws and the Divine Gifts we each possess in a unique combination. This talk shows why the Law of Attraction is incomplete because it’s missing the most important ingredient — YOU.
  • Discover Authentic Self Expression.
  • Experience the joy and freedom of who you are and get immediate results in business and in life.

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For the past 20 years, Bill Heinrich has been guiding people to discover their Divine Gifts and True Life Purpose to live a more abundant, happy and stress-free life, through his online workshop “True Life Purpose Now”, his books and meditations, speaking and private coaching.

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